Sunday, June 12, 2011

Three Days of Super Fun Crazyness in New Zealand

Day 1: Landing
Friday, June 10, 2011
Finally getting on the plane to head to LAX was truly surreal. I have been talking about this trip for so many months now that taking the first leg of the journey was the most exciting thing I have done in a really long time. Now, we are finally in Te Annu, New Zealand and all that it took was a 4 hour + 13 hour + 1.5 hour plane ride which nearly made me collapse after a total traveling time of about 35 hours. The flight from Houston to LAX was a breeze, but heading to Auckland was a flight that I will never forget. An Indian family decided to carry their tiny baby on the 13-hour flight and they just happened to sit two seats behind me while the baby screamed the entire 13 hour flight. Don’t ask me how. But it got to the point when the stewardess passed out earplugs. We got to Queenstown after taking Jet Star with the two sassy Australian stewardesses but finally we could see the amazing-ness New Zealand had to offer. Our driver Carl is the new addition to our family and while I ate dinner at “The Ranch,” which is ironic since we leave Texas but end up at a ranch, I got really excited on how close everyone is and it’s only the first day!

Day 2: Milford Sound
Saturday, June 11, 2011
We woke up early and drove two hours to Milford Sound to take a boat ride around the amazing mountains. I had no idea what to expect but once we got closer and closer, the view of the mountains got better and better. But, lets face it, all of New Zealand is gorgeous and spectacular. Carl drove us through the tunnel through the mountain which is the entrance into Milford Sound, Carl also added that it was built during WWII and the Depression (a good side note of history). But, once we got to the end of the tunnel the sky opened up with the most amazing sight that I can’t even begin to describe. My family will die when they see the vast landscape and animals of Milford. We took some twisty turns on the road to get to the boat which took us on a two hour boat ride around Milford Sound, the ride was full of 15 dolphins, seals, hot tea, and balancing acts as the boat moved back and forth. After the tour we stopped on the side of the roads a bunch of times to take side shots as our stomachs were growling like lions. We didn’t eat lunch or I guess it was considered as my Nutella and English muffin combo on the bus. I love how we’re all so close! Kelsey is Krazy but I love her just the same.

Day 3: Walk by the Lake
Sunday, June 11, 2011
***Happy Birthday Libby!! But you probably won’t see this because we can’t find any Internet access. But I love you and hope your birthday is amazing, although it’s one day earlier here.
Today was more of a relaxed day. With about 2000 excessive pictures from Milford Sound yesterday, I had to pick my top 10 and top 1… I don’t understand how I did it but it took about 3 hours in the morning.. We strolled by Te Annu lake and saw beautiful birds and took more pics!! We saw three videos today: the visitor centre, the cinema, which had the best chocolate cappuccino, and the National Geo one for inspiration. As I type this blog into a word document as we wait patiently for internet connection, I am falling asleep. So, tonight I’m keeping it short and sweet. We are on the move tomorrow to Queenstown and to the sheep farm! Gotta love it!! ‘Goodnight (in my New Zealand accent)

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  1. Love hearing about all the exciting and wonderful places you all are going! Continue enjoying your adventure and keep us posted in Houston.