Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 13: Hanmer

Today was our final day with Ulla and our one day in Hanmer.  We went to Hanmer instead of Mt. Hutt because there was no snow falling :( so therefore we couldn't ski. That morning we went to Hanmer Horses and went horseback riding. My horse, Mickey Blue Eyes, was a little horse with the most sparkling blue eyes. Apparently he is a real ladies man because of those sparkling eyes. Our horseback ride was English style with an English saddle which was new and different for me. I had to keep better balance and better posture but I enjoyed it a little more than Western style, but then again I am in New Zealand. After we rode, we did some stable work to see both sides of the horse/stable business. Later, we had lunch at a bakery and went to a hot pool theme park. It was like a higher quality splash town with lounging hot tubs. But, we couldn't put our heads under water just incase worm parasites got in. We then went to dinner at Saint's Restaurant where Ulla gave her final presentation and final goodbyes. She showed us these amazing pictures about these amazing stores, a African tribe who worships the USA and an Indonesian group of sulfur miners. We ate, picked top 10, did laundry (actually Van did), washed Horse crap out of our shoes (actually Kevin did), and went to sleep. Off to Christchurch tomorrow! It will be so sad and epic.

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