Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 8: Franz Josef glacier

Yesterday we woke up really early and drove out to get ready to hike a glacier. At the adventure placed, they supplied us with smelly adventure pants, smelly adventure hiking boots, our rain proof jackets, and our cramp-ons. From then we set off on our adventure. We hiked through a rainforest and then then 2.5 km over rocks up to the glacier. We picked to be in group 1, group 2, or group 3. Group 1 and group 2 were the fast groups and group 3 was the slower group. I was in group 2 because as everyone on the trip knows, I am an athlete (insert sarcasm now), but really its true. We had a half day hike on the glacier with our guide Tibias, who looked exactly like Prince Harry. We had an adventure hike that was rough but amazing!! We stuck our cramp-ons into the ice to help us not fall, but as Kevin attempted an artsy shot, he slid down the glacier (scary but funny at the same time). We finished our hike and were exhausted back at our Holiday Top 10 Park Hotel. But, it was Gemina's birthday so we went to a Glacier Hot Spa. It was amazing!! We then went to dinner and had a dance party in honor of Gemina while we ate birthday cake!! Such an awesome day!!
our guide (aka Prince Harry)...such a model

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