Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 4: Sheep Farm

We left Te Annu and headed off to the sheep farm where we met Andy and his father Alan, the two sheep farmers. They were so amazing and let us walk all around the "sheep pen" as we took shot after shot of the yelping dogs herding the sheep and the sheep running as if their life was on the line, rather than just losing their wool. The smells of sheep poop as it stuck to your shoes and being able to hold the sheep in your own arms was so awesome! We then drove from the farm back to Queenstown where we're staying in this hotel/hostile hippie joint where you see all types. Dinner consisted of a small salad and watching a man fall asleep on a date, resulting in the woman to stand up and leave and the man lay snooring in his seat after a glass of wine. Funny what catches our eye. Everywhere in New Zealand is picture perfect. I love every second of it!

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