Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 10: Hokitika

We drove from Franz Josef to Hokitika and finally met Ulla, a REAL national geographic photographer, who has done huge stories about mummies and volcanos in the National Geographic magazine. Once we got everything situated at our motel, we headed to the Gorge. It was an adventure walk with crazy birds flying around and a swinging bridge. Little Kiwi children were running around and jumping off all these slippery rocks that we Houstonians couldn't even handle. Once we finished, we headed back to the beach next to our hotel. There were waves that were amazing and huge!! Later we headed for dinner in town (I have had enough fried food (i.e. fish and chips) to kill me). Then Ulla gave a talk and showed a slideshow that told her story. We had the owner of the motel sit in with their photography club to hear Ulla present. FUN NIGHTS IN NZ!

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