Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 19: Fiji 2

Kevin, Bri, Van, Gemina, and I went out on a fishing trip at 8 while everyone else stayed back to tan and swim. With a fabricated story of how we almost caught 5 yellow finned tuna, we returned with a not so successful trip. But, I loved being able to see the island from the boat out in the beautiful sun! We got back and only had time for lunch, a shower, and packing. We headed out on a 3 hour bus ride back to Nadi where we stopped for a mini shopping session. We boarded the Air Pacific plane and headed to LAX. We landed in LAX to board to Houston. Off we went!! Now I'm home in my comfy home! I am so happy to see my family but all I can think of is how much I already miss New Zealand and Fiji. It is so easy to get used to those mountains, ocean, and gorgeous landscape, but Houston is my home. I know that I must go back to Fiji and New Zealand again! Who knows how long from now, but I have loved every second of my three week adventure. It is hard to reminisce without getting emotional!! I love all the people that I have been able to get to know!! I'm back home safe and sound!! Off to a work day at Spring Woods tomorrow at 11:30...hopefully I'm not too jet lagged.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 18: Fiji

After getting to our hotel at 1:00 in the morning and driving on the bumpiest roads ever, we woke up to see a RAINING Fiji. Our one full day in Fiji and it's raining. Miles, Bri, and Gemina went off scuba diving while Kevin and I went to explore. A lot of people were bummed about the day but it was adventure time for Kevs and LOLO. We found a snake-like eel, hundreds of crabs, a sting ray, and hundreds of starfish. Finally it held off raining enough for us all to go into town to the markets. I had plenty of Fijian money to spend so off I went. We came back for dinner, but after dinner was the crazy part. The traditional Kaba juice was made and served. This juice that resembles dirty water/mud. Everyone had two chugs except for Chief Kevin, Miles, Mike, and Van. I know Kevin was dying and so was I. Later, we learned some Fijian dances and songs. We taught them the cupid shuffle and the dougie. Classic. Pow Wow on the beach with the most amazing star was amazing!! Nothing will ever compare to those gorgeous stars!! Final night in Fiji was emotional!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 17: Airport Part 2

We got to the airport this morning and were here in plenty of time, but our lovely/nasty helper at the airport Jan backstabbed us again. It took us about a full hour and a half to get our boarding pass but we finally got through. Getting through customs was a breeze and now as I sip my cappuccino, we wait to board our flight to Fiji. Finally we will be going to a place that we have been wanting for a few days now. Peter won't be able to stay with us in Fiji because he is heading to Africa, all he will be able to see is the airport. Fiji for one and a half days and then we are headed home. I am so sad that this amazing trip will be coming to an end so soon...even though its been three weeks. Goodbye New Zealand, hello Fiji.

Day 16: 2nd Day in Christchurch

After dealing with all the airport drama, we had a second day in Christchurch. We played/learned rugby, played Netball, played frisbee, walked/lunched in the gardens and parks, and bowled at a Kiwi bowling alley. It was such a fun and active day, we weren't all stressed about pictures and we were able to enjoy the day!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 15: Airport

As I sit at the Christchurch airport in New Zealand we find out some bad news. Our flight to Auckland, NZ has been canceled due to the ash from the Chile volcano that circled the world once and now is interfering with flights. We arrived at the airport at 6:30 and waited until 10:00 to talk to Qantas/Jet Star to rebook a flight. Well, the next flight to Auckland is tomorrow morning, but we just found out that we can’t leave the country because of ash. So as of now, it looks like no Fiji for us. We are waiting to hear more news, but right now we are sitting at the Burger King in the Christchurch airport blogging away and looking up flight plans to figure out how the hell we are getting out of the country. 

Day 14: Christchurch

Today was one of the most eye opening days that we have had so far. We drove into Christchurch this morning from Hanmer and finally we were able to see the devastation that has rocked New Zealand for the past couple of months and weeks. We were in the country for the last earthquake that shook Christchurch so it felt even more real. It was crazy to be able to see earthquake damage up front, instead of from a television screen. As it rained during our walk, everyone was emotional and somber. After our walk, we saw a traditional Maori show where we were dancing and singing. Our “Chief” Kevin led us into a little hut while he accepted a leaf peace offering. Tight. Then we went to a Thai dinner, had Pow Wow and slept. We leave for the airport at 5:45 in the morning tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 13: Hanmer

Today was our final day with Ulla and our one day in Hanmer.  We went to Hanmer instead of Mt. Hutt because there was no snow falling :( so therefore we couldn't ski. That morning we went to Hanmer Horses and went horseback riding. My horse, Mickey Blue Eyes, was a little horse with the most sparkling blue eyes. Apparently he is a real ladies man because of those sparkling eyes. Our horseback ride was English style with an English saddle which was new and different for me. I had to keep better balance and better posture but I enjoyed it a little more than Western style, but then again I am in New Zealand. After we rode, we did some stable work to see both sides of the horse/stable business. Later, we had lunch at a bakery and went to a hot pool theme park. It was like a higher quality splash town with lounging hot tubs. But, we couldn't put our heads under water just incase worm parasites got in. We then went to dinner at Saint's Restaurant where Ulla gave her final presentation and final goodbyes. She showed us these amazing pictures about these amazing stores, a African tribe who worships the USA and an Indonesian group of sulfur miners. We ate, picked top 10, did laundry (actually Van did), washed Horse crap out of our shoes (actually Kevin did), and went to sleep. Off to Christchurch tomorrow! It will be so sad and epic.