Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 18: Fiji

After getting to our hotel at 1:00 in the morning and driving on the bumpiest roads ever, we woke up to see a RAINING Fiji. Our one full day in Fiji and it's raining. Miles, Bri, and Gemina went off scuba diving while Kevin and I went to explore. A lot of people were bummed about the day but it was adventure time for Kevs and LOLO. We found a snake-like eel, hundreds of crabs, a sting ray, and hundreds of starfish. Finally it held off raining enough for us all to go into town to the markets. I had plenty of Fijian money to spend so off I went. We came back for dinner, but after dinner was the crazy part. The traditional Kaba juice was made and served. This juice that resembles dirty water/mud. Everyone had two chugs except for Chief Kevin, Miles, Mike, and Van. I know Kevin was dying and so was I. Later, we learned some Fijian dances and songs. We taught them the cupid shuffle and the dougie. Classic. Pow Wow on the beach with the most amazing star was amazing!! Nothing will ever compare to those gorgeous stars!! Final night in Fiji was emotional!!

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